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V.I.N. Vehicle Identification Registration For Auto Traders

Trading or upgrading your auto. An Auto trader?

The number stamped on the drivers side of your new vehicle's dash can sure help you out a great amount in identifying the car, truck or vehicle , its past history , travels and origins - whether if be a domestic auto product - a Chevy , or an import such as a used Honda automotive product.

The term V.I.N. is short form of "Vehicle Identification Number". It's a unique number that is assigned to your vehicle - be it car, truck, S.U.V., van truck, motorcycle or any other vehicle. Each and every V.I.N. is unique to each vehicle being assigned by a strict government approved nomenclature system

In order to register a vehicle, especially a new vehicle, you will need its V.I.N. In order to insure your vehicle ditto. If your car is stolen it may well be tracked down and identified by this unique listing - it's V.I.N. If you are in the market for a vehicle and do a vehicle history search - All the major online and governmental systems - even your vehicle service records , as well as any submissions and requests to obtain auto financing all rely on the V.I.N. system as their very basis and starting points. It all comes down to those simple numbers stamped on your vehicle's dash - that specific vehicle identification set of numbers and letters .How else could the system work if each vehicle did not have its own unique identifying number? Through such automated systems you can quickly and accurately determine vehicle history since new - a list of owners , any accident reports , has the car been involved in a major accident , been written off , been in a flood , have liens or charges against it , as well as many additional concerns for auto buyers ,financers , and dealers.. Where you new vehicle was made, assembled or manufactured will determine how much and what type of sales taxes and import duties you will pay

How can you determine the V.I.N. of your vehicle? That is easy if have ready access to your registration and insurance documentation. If not, or if you want to confirm the VIN number assignment you can simply find out your vehicles stamp maxisys elite. Simply look through the windshield on the driver's side of the auto at the corner of the dash. It should be clearly stamped on a plate attached to the dash. As well that same designation should be clearly listed on your bill of sale. If the 2 numbers do not match if somewhere along the line and chain of command did not detail the V.I.N. of the vehicle this could be big trouble for you in the event of traffic collision or car insurance claim or claims

How to read and decipher Vins - Vehicle Identification Numbers 101.

Look at the first character in the V.I.N vehicle identification number sequence to start

Reading a V.I.N. . This first character designates where the vehicle was built The number 2 indicates that the vehicle was manufactured or assembled in the Dominion of Canada , 1 the United States, 3 down south in Mexico. For foreign made vehicles say Japanese made Honda look for the letter "J". Find a Honda or Toyota whose V.I.N. starts with the digit "!". That will indicate to the import tax people that the car's origins are in the USA - or at least assembled in a "screwdriver factory" somewhere in the US. Good news you're save big money, off the hop, as opposed to a Honda with a "J" VIN or a foreign "K" Korean originated vehicle marking and designation.

Next the second character in line designates the manufacturer or who built the car. The letter "G: stands for General Motor or G.M. products. Next is the third character - in this example if the number 2 is the third character - this would indicate the Pontiac division of GM. Characters 4 and 5 indicate the car line series, eight represents the body style for example 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, hatchback. The seventh character indicates the type of safety restraint system that was installed at the factory x431 pro mini. Eight character stands for the engine code - each type of engine has its own stamp don't be confused with the last sequence of numbers - that is between the eighth and final digits. These digits are just filler referred to simply in the automotive trades as a "check digit"

Why all this effort in creating this system and nomenclature of listing and describing each car individually. How else could the automotive trades work if they could not id each and every vehicle separately , track it , keep detailed records and lastly allow you as a car , truck , SUV , Van or motorcycle driver to research the past history of your new found vehicle. Want to import a car truck or S.U.V. or other type of vehicle into Canada. For those nice people at the border, and for registration in your Canadian province - be it Ontario, Manitoba or British Columbia or any of the other Canadian provinces and territories, you will definitely need the VIN registration records and data

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