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Used Volvo - Cross Country Cars

Volvos come from a harsh environment. Their Scandinavian background means that their very culture and history is imbued with a coldness, a ruggedness. The terrain is harsh, the weather is harsher, and the Volvo has to be built to be able to survive it. I f you look at pictures of the stunning glacial beauty of Scandinavian countries you will no doubt be struck by how dramatic the horizon its, as well as obviously how lovely the location looks.

With this background, it is no surprise that Volvos are practical cars, full of energy saving tips and huge storage areas. There are also resilient, and I have known people carry on driving sturdy used Volvos up into hundreds of thousands of miles of use. The low build and powerful engines seem perfectly equipped to deal with almost anything the world can throw at them, and deal with it well.

Of course, being very resilient and tough doesn't automatically mean that you will be great off road. In fact, when you consider that some of Volvos most popular cars are spacious but unwieldy estates, then you will see how they couldn't even begin to tackle difficult off-road or cross-country terrain! Instead, Volvo have addressed the issue with an entire range, consisting of the XC60, XC70 and XC90 cars. This cross-country collection means that rugged Scandinavian design can finally experience its environment to the full!

The XC60 is the most city friendly of the cars, designed to be used both for urban driving and cross-country fun. As such, it is one of those 4x4s that look incredibly modern and smart, yet which don't leave all vestiges of practicality behind in the dirt. Walking the walk is as important as talking the talk in a Volvo, and this car endeavours to do both. It may not be the most rugged of cars, but there is no denying that the XC60 looks smart inside and out, whilst at the same time delivering city safety and performance. You even get lots of space!

If you are a bit more serious about your off road driving, then you can tell at a glance that the XC70 is for you. The design is much more practical and not quite as pretty, meaning that this car can get its head down and concentrate on the intricacies of off-road driving. This car has a number of features that allow it to perform well on steep inclines, as well as delivering excellent power and performance. It is all getting a little serious!

At the top of the Volvo Cross-country range is the XC90 x431 pro mini. The design speaks of quite a masculine, powerful drive, and this car really hopes to deliver. The grip is second to none, but at the same time you get a spacious car that works for all the family maxisys elite. The extra seating and entertainment systems ensure that this is a relaxing and trouble free ride, whilst all the safety software is there in case something does go wrong. This really is the epitome of off-road style!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Volvo cars.
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