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Tricks to Install CD-MP3 Player in a Car

If your car still has the cassette player than you feel very annoyed to repeat the track each time where you can to rewind, stop, play in a cassette player its highly recommended that switch over to an-in dash CD player using this tips on how to install an-in dash CD player. The CD player can be installed in the dash board by replacing the cassette player. But one has to ensure that he has an idea of the automobile make and its model so that the installed CD player is fit as in stock model.

While installing an-in dash CD player we might require few installation tools and connecting wire which assist us in making the work done with a professional touch. The materials required will be Wire strippers, Wire connectors, Needle nose pliers, CD player installation kit (Dash), and Vinyl insulated butt splices. The following instruction will provide the easiest way for the installation of An-in dash CD player in 5 simple steps.

First locate for the wire running from the CD player, using a stripper strip the wire to half an inch, The same procedure is to be repeated for all the wires provided with wire connector, make sure only the insulation part is removed without damaging the core portion of the wire.

Now you will have to use both the orange as well as the insulated splice and connect them from the wire connector of the stereo autel maxidas ds808.

Then with the help of the pliers cover the sides of the vinyl butt such that the butt holds the wire firmly, the other end of the vinyl insulated butt is connected to the CD player. This is done by means of the orange wire which is available. The same step is to be followed while connecting each wire of different colour band from the wire connector to the CD player.

Now remove the dash board covers and fix the CD player to it, you might need to follow the procedure given in the Car manual or CD player manual regarding the removal and re-fixing of the dash board which varies with each make of the vehicle.

After that, he car stereo player along with its wiring connector are placed on the dashboard and are adjusted so that it completely rests within the space provided and should also be properly fit. Now the Car stereo wiring connector and the wire connector of the vehicle are to be properly linked this can be checked with the click sound produced by the connectors when they are linked.

Now the remaining wires that sag are put behind the CD player and arranged so that it gives a clean finish. The CD player is screwed to the dash board, and the set up is checked by turning on the vehicle and the stereo system. If the working is smooth the dash board is replaced to its appropriate location.

The tips on HOW TO INSTALL AN-IN DASH CD PLAYER are so lucid that it eliminates the need for supervision.

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