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Toyota - Taking a Step Back to Move Forward

With all the news about the American auto industry Autel MaxiCOM MK808, recession and how car-makers can rebound, it's hard sometimes to remember that the auto industry has a life outside our borders. Not only do the car companies need to rebound here in America but elsewhere in the world as well. As both the American economy and the world economy climbs slowly upward, the auto industry is being forced to refigure the way they do business.

Toyota is no exception to this rule, and under the leadership of a new president, their business plan seems to be changing. Akio Toyoda took the helm in June and is taking the company in a new direction. It was no secret that under previous presidents, Toyota expected to achieve 15 percent global xafs share and they chased it with vigor.

Toyoda seems to have a different idea when it comes to numbers. He is hoping to return Toyota to the old-fashioned "Toyota Way" of catering to customers. With Toyota fiercely chasing numbers, their products have lost touch with consumer needs. Toyoda's plan aims to change that. Instead of focusing on the numbers, they will create products based on what consumers want and developing products around that.

Over the next few years, we should expect Toyota to be developing at a bit slower rate than normal but developing higher quality products that are more in touch with their new eco-conscious consumers. Today's drivers really want it all in new car purchase - high MPG, budget-friendly payments and reliability. There most likely will be an increase in production of highly efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles that follow in the footsteps of Toyota's legendary Prius.

Toyoda spoke in Traverse City at the Management Briefing Seminars and said "the United States will serve as an engine for growth for automakers for years to come due to its population growth and the country's love for cars." () While the outlook may look bright, there is still a lot of work to do.

Developers have plenty to work with however, when it comes to consumer needs and what those might be Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. There are newly emerging xafss that Toyota hopes to pounce on and this new way of thinking might help them do just that. Focusing on China, South America and the Middle East could not only help them achieve the numbers they hope but develop products that will create a new loyal customer base. If they can achieve this, they could well be on their way to recovery.

Toyota posted their biggest loss in seventy years this past fiscal year and is not expected to pull out of the red before March 2010. With the appointment of Toyoda and his new business plan, the company should undergo a huge morale boost. Toyoda is the grandfather of Toyota's founder and is widely expected to be the one to bring the company back to the top of the auto industry. While there is a tough uphill climb ahead of Toyota, it could prove to be an exciting time to rework and reintroduce a legendary brand of cars to the world.

Scott Conklin is the president of Conklin Cars, a leading provider of Kansas Toyota, Kansas Honda, and Kansas Ford vehicles with locations in Salina, Hutchinson, and Newton, Kansas. Conklin Cars can be found online at
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